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HNI assignments

Home Network Identity (HNI) codes identify a mobile subscribers home network and is assignable to mobile network operators with international roaming capabilities. The HNI is comprised of the first six digits of the IMSI: the three-digit Mobile Country Code (MCC) and the three-digit Mobile Network Code (MNC). The Mobile Station Identification Number (MSIN), which makes up the remaining nine digits of the IMSI, is administered by the network operator to which the HNI is assigned.

IMSI can now be used for Shared HNI for Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) operations. IMSI can now be used for Shared HNI for Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) operations. The CBRS assignments can be found here.


310-010Verizon Wireless
310-012Verizon Wireless
310-013Verizon Wireless
310-016Cricket Communications
310-020Union Telephone Company
310-030AT&T Mobility
310-035ETEX Communications, LP (d/b/a) ETEX Wireless
310-050Alaska Communications
310-060Consolidated Telcom
310-070AT&T Mobility
310-080AT&T Mobility
310-090Cricket Communications, LLC
310-100New Mexico RSA 4 East Limited Partnership
310-110Pacific Telecom Inc.
310-130Carolina West Wireless
310-140GTA Wireless LLC
310-150AT&T Mobility
310-160T-Mobile USA
310-170AT&T Mobility
310-180West Central Wireless
310-190Alaska Wireless Communications, LLC
310-200T-Mobile USA
310-210T-Mobile USA
310-220T-Mobile USA
310-230T-Mobile USA
310-240T-Mobile USA
310-250T-Mobile USA
310-260T-Mobile USA
310-270T-Mobile USA
310-280AT&T Mobility
310-290NEP Cellcorp, Inc.
310-310T-Mobile USA
310-320Smith Bagley, Inc. dba CellularOne
310-330Wireless Partners LLC
310-340Limitless Mobile, LLC
310-350Verizon Wireless
310-360Cellular Network Partnership dba Pioneer Cellular
310-370Docomo Pacific, Inc.
310-380AT&T Mobility
310-390TX-11 Acquisition, LLC
310-400Wave Runner LLC
310-410AT&T Mobility
310-420Cincinnati Bell Wireless, LLC
310-430GCI Communications Corp
310-440Numerex Corp
310-450North East Cellular Inc.
310-460Newcore Wireless
310-470Docomo Pacific, Inc.
310-480Wave Runner LLC
310-490T-Mobile USA
310-500Public Service Cellular, Inc.
310-510Nsighttel Wireless, LLC
310-520Transactions Network Services (TNS)
310-530Iowa Wireless Services LLC, dba I Wireless
310-540Oklahoma Western Telephone Company
310-550Syniverse Technologies
310-570MTPCS, LLC
310-580Inland Cellular Telephone Company
310-590Verizon Wireless
310-591Verizon Wireless
310-592Verizon Wireless
310-593Verizon Wireless
310-594Verizon Wireless
310-595Verizon Wireless
310-596Verizon Wireless
310-597Verizon Wireless
310-598Verizon Wireless
310-599Verizon Wireless
310-600New-Cell Inc. dba Cellcom
310-620Nsighttel Wireless, LLC
310-630Agri-Valley Broadband, Inc
310-640Numerex Corp
310-660T-Mobile USA
310-670AT&T Mobility
310-680AT&T Mobility
310-690Keystone Wireless LLC
310-700Cross Valiant Cellular Partnership
310-710Arctic Slope Telephone Association Cooperative
310-720Syniverse Technologies
310-730U.S. Cellular
310-740Green Eagle Communications, Inc
310-750East Kentucky Network, LLC dba Appalachian Wireless
310-760Lynch 3G Communications Corporation
310-770Iowa Wireless Services, LLC dba I wireless
310-780D. D. Inc.
310-790PinPoint Communications, Inc.
310-800T-Mobile USA
310-810Pacific Lightwave Inc.
310-820Verizon Wireless
310-830Clearwire Corporation
310-840Telecom North America Mobile Inc
310-850Aeris Communications, Inc.
310-860TX RSA 15B2, LP dba Five Star Wireless
310-880Advantage Cellular Systems, Inc
310-890Verizon Wireless
310-891Verizon Wireless
310-892Verizon Wireless
310-893Verizon Wireless
310-894Verizon Wireless
310-895Verizon Wireless
310-896Verizon Wireless
310-897Verizon Wireless
310-898Verizon Wireless
310-899Verizon Wireless
310-900Cable & Communications Corporation dba Mid-Rivers Wireless
310-910Verizon Wireless
310-920James Valley Wireless, LLC
310-930Copper Valley Wireless
310-940Tyntec Inc.
310-950AT&T Mobility
310-960UBET Wireless
310-970Globalstar USA
310-990Evolve Cellular 
311-000Mid-Tex Cellular, Ltd.
311-010Chariton Valley Communications Corporation, Inc.
311-020Missouri RSA No. 5 Partnership
311-030Indigo Wireless, Inc.
311-040Commnet Wireless, LLC
311-050Thumb Cellular Limited Partnership
311-060Space Data Corporation
311-070AT&T Mobility
311-080Pine Telephone Company dba Pine Cellular
311-090Long Lines Wireless
311-100Nex-Tech Wireless, LLC
311-110Verizon Wireless
311-120Wave Runner LLC
311-140Cross Telephone Company
311-150Wilkes Cellular Inc.
311-170Broadpoint, LLC
311-180AT&T Mobility
311-190Cellular Properties, Inc.
311-210Telnyx LLC
311-220U.S. Cellular
311-230Cellular South Inc.
311-240Cordova Wireless Communications, Inc.
311-250Wave Runner LLC
311-260Clearwire Corporation
311-270Verizon Wireless
311-271Verizon Wireless
311-272Verizon Wireless
311-273Verizon Wireless
311-274Verizon Wireless
311-275Verizon Wireless
311-276Verizon Wireless
311-277Verizon Wireless
311-278Verizon Wireless
311-279Verizon Wireless
311-280Verizon Wireless
311-281Verizon Wireless
311-282Verizon Wireless
311-283Verizon Wireless
311-284Verizon Wireless
311-285Verizon Wireless
311-286Verizon Wireless
311-287Verizon Wireless
311-288Verizon Wireless
311-289Verizon Wireless
311-290Pinpoint Wireless, Inc.
311-310Leaco Rural Telephone Company Inc.
311-320Commnet Wireless, LLC
311-330Bug Tussel Wireless, LLC
311-340Illinois Valley Cellular
311-350Sagebrush Cellular, Inc. dba Nemont
311-360Stelera Wireless, L.L.C.
311-370GCI Communication Corp
311-380New Dimension Wireless LTD
311-390Verizon Wireless
311-410Iowa RSA No. 2 Limited Partnership
311-420Northwest Missouri Cellular Limited Partnership
311-430RSA 1 Limited Partnership dba Cellular 29 Plus
311-440Bluegrass Cellular LLC
311-450Panhandle Telecommunication Systems Inc.
311-470Vitelcom Cellular D/B/A Innovative Wireless
311-480Verizon Wireless
311-481Verizon Wireless
311-482Verizon Wireless
311-483Verizon Wireless
311-484Verizon Wireless
311-485Verizon Wireless
311-486Verizon Wireless
311-487Verizon Wireless
311-488Verizon Wireless
311-489Verizon Wireless
311-510Ligado Networks
311-530NewCore Wireless LLC
311-550Commnet Midwest, LLC
311-560OTZ Communications, Inc.
311-570Bend Cable Communications, LLC
311-580U.S. Cellular
311-590Verizon Wireless
311-600Limitless Mobile, LLC
311-610North Dakota Network Co.
311-620Terrestar Networks, Inc.
311-630Cellular South, Inc.
311-640Standing Rock Telecommunications
311-650United Wireless, Inc.
311-660MetroPCS Wireless, Inc.
311-670Pine Belt Cellular, Inc. d/b/a Pine Belt Wireless
311-680GreenFly LLC
311-690TeleBEEPER of New Mexico, Inc.
311-700Midwest Network Solutionsl Hub, LLC. (MNS)
311-710Northeast Wireless Networks, LLC
311-720MainePCS LLC
311-730Proximiti Mobility, Inc.
311-740Telalaska Cellular
311-750NetAmerica Alliance, LLC
311-760Edigen, Inc.
311-770Radio Mobile Access Inc.
311-780The American Samoa Telecommunications 
311-790Coleman County Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
311-800Bluegrass Cellular LLC
311-810Bluegrass Cellular LLC
311-820Kineto Wireless, Inc
311-830Thumb Cellular, LLC
311-840Nsight Spectrum, LLC
311-850Nsight Spectrum, LLC
311-860Uintah Basin Electronic Telecommunications
311-870Sprintcom inc
311-880Sprintcom inc
311-882Sprintcom inc
311-890Globecomm Network Services Corporation
311-900Gigsky Inc.
311-910SI Wireless, LLC
311-920Missouri RSA No 5 Partnership dba Chariton Valley Wireless Services
311-930Syringa Wireless, LLC
311-940Clearwire Corporation
311-950Sunman Telecommunications Corp.
311-970Big River Broadband, LLC
311-980LigTel Communications
311-990VTel Wireless
312-010Chariton Valley Communication Corporation, Inc
312-020Infrastructure Networks, LLC
312-030Cross Wireless
312-040Custer Telephone Cooperative, Inc.
312-080South Georgia Regional Information Technology Authority
312-090AT&T Mobility
312-100ClearSky Technologies, Inc.
312-110Texas Energy Network, LLC
312-120East Kentucky Network, LLC dba Appalachian Wireless
312-130East Kentucky Network LLC dba Appalachian Wireless
312-150Northwest Cell
312-160RSA1 Limited Partnership DBA Chat Mobility
312-170Iowa RSA No. 2 Limited Partnership
312-180Keystone Wireless LLC
312-190Sprintcom, Inc.
312-200Voyager Mobility LLC
312-220Chariton Valley Communication Corporation, Inc.
312-230SRT Communications Inc.
312-240Clearwire Corporation
312-250Clearwire Corporation
312-260Central LTE Holdings
312-270Cellular Network Partnership dba Pioneer Cellular
312-280Cellular Network Partnership dba Pioneer Cellular
312-290Uintah Basin Electronic Telecommunications
312-300Telecom North America Mobile Inc.
312-310Clear Stream Communications, LLC
312-320S and R Communications LLC
312-330Nemont Communications, Inc.
312-340MTA Communications dba MTA Wireless
312-350Triangle Communication Sytem Inc.
312-360Wes-Tex Telecommunications, LTD
312-370Commnet Wireless
312-380Copper Valley Wireless
312-390FTC Communications LLC
312-400Mid-Rivers Telephone Cooperative
312-410Eltopia Communications, LLC
312-420Nex-Tech Wireless, LLC
312-430Silver Star Communications
312-440Consolidated Telcom
312-450Cable & Communications Corperation
312-460KPU Telecommunications Division
312-470Carolina West Wireless, Inc.
312-480Sagebrush Cellular, Inc.
312-490TrustComm, Inc
312-500AB Spectrum LLC
312-550Great Plains Communications, Inc.
312-560NHLT Inc
312-570Buffalo-Lake Erie Wireless Systems Co., LLC
312-580Bingham McCutchen LLP
312-590Northern Michigan University
312-600Sagebrush Cellular, Inc.
312-610NTELOS Licenses, Inc.
312-620GlobeTouch Inc.
312-630NetGenuity, Inc.
312-650365 Wireless LLC
312-660ntelos wireless
312-670AT&T Mobility
312-680AT&T Mobility
312-690Tecore Government Services, LLC
312-700Wireless Partners,LLC
312-710Wireless Partners,LLC
312-720Southern Communications Services, Inc. D/B/A SouthernLINC Wireless
312-730Triangle Communication System Inc.
312-740KDDI America, Inc dba Locus Telecommunications
312-770Verizon Wireless
312-780RedZone Wireless LLC
312-790Gila Electronics
312-800Cirrus Core Networks
312-810Bristol Bay Telephone Cooperative
312-820Santel Communications Cooperative, Inc.
312-830Kings County Office of Education
312-840South Georgia Regional Information Technology
312-850Emergency Networks LLC
312-860Flat Wireless, LLC
312-870GigSky Mobile, LLC
312-880Albemarle County Public Schools
312-890Circle Gx
312-900Flat West Wireless, LLC
312-910East Kentucky Network LLC dba Appalachian Wireless
312-920Northeast Wireless Networks
312-930Hewlett-Packard Communication Services, LLC
312-950Custer Telephone Cooperative, Inc
312-960M&A Technology, Inc.
312-970IOSAZ Intellectual Property LLC
312-980Mark Twain Communications Company
312-990Premier Holdings LLC DBA Premier Broadband
313-000Tennessee Wireless
313-010Cross Wireless LLC dba Sprocket Wireless
313-020CTC Telecom, INC. dba CTC Wireless
313-030Eagle Telephone System, INC dba Snake River PCS
313-040Nucla-Naturita Telephone Company
313-050Manti Tele Communications Company, Inc. dba Breakaway Wireless
313-060Country Wireless
313-061Country Wireless
313-070Midwest Network Solutions Hub LLC
313-080Speedwavz LLP
313-090Vivint Wireless, Inc
313-100AT&T FirstNet
313-110AT&T FirstNet
313-120AT&T FirstNet
313-130AT&T FirstNet
313-140AT&T FirstNet
313-150Reserved for Public Safety
313-160Reserved for Public Safety
313-170Reserved for Public Safety
313-180Reserved for Public Safety
313-190Reserved for Public Safety
313-200Mercury Network Corporation
313-210AT&T Mobility
313-220Custer Telephone Cooperative,Inc.
313-230Velocity Communications Inc.
313-240Fundamental Holdings, Corp
313-250Imperial County Office of Education
313-260Expeto Wireless Inc.
313-280King Street Wireless, LP
313-290Gulf Coast Broadband LLC
313-300Cambio WiFi of Delmarva, LLC.
313-310CAL.NET, INC
313-320Paladin Wireless
313-330CenturyTel Broadband Services LLC
313-340Dish Network 
313-350Dish Network 
313-360Dish Network 
313-370 Red Truck Wireless, LLC
313-380OptimERA Inc.
313-390Altice USA Wireless, Inc.
313-400Texoma Communications, LLC
314-100Reserved for Public Safety
314-110Reserved for Public Safety
314-120Reserved for Public Safety
314-130Reserved for Public Safety
314-140Reserved for Public Safety
314-150Reserved for Public Safety
314-160Reserved for Public Safety
314-170Reserved for Public Safety
314-180Reserved for Public Safety
314-190Reserved for Public Safety
316-010Sprintcom, Inc.
316-011Southern Communications Services, Inc.